Abigail Goes Abroad

Hi there!

My name is Abigail Foster, I’m a senior at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas, and in three short days I will become a temporary resident of the country of Denmark (cue internal freak out).

Born and raised a Texan, for the next four months I’ll be temporarily trading in my beloved warm weather and Blue Bell ice cream to study abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Thanks to the good people at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS), I’ll be studying Justice and Human Rights in the happiest country in the world (woo!)

A little bit about myself: This will not only be my first study abroad experience, but also my first time in Europe! After participating in several mission trips to Latin America in high school, I caught the travel bug hard. Along the way I also developed a fiery passion for fighting for justice for the disenfranchised, the marginalized and the voiceless. So here I am today: pursuing a Human Rights major at SMU and now all the way in Denmark. This experience is truly a dream come true for me!

A little bit about my experience: I’ll be participating in DIS’ Justice and Human Rights program which includes the core course “Humanitarian Law and Armed Conflict.” Mid-way through the semester I’ll be traveling with my fellow human rights students to the country of Kosovo to visit several government and human rights organizations. I’ll also be taking four elective courses: Activism: Engagement and Resistance, International Refugee Law, Stolen Childhoods: Migrant and Refugee Children in Europe and Danish Language and Culture.

A little bit about where I’ll be living: I’m over-the-moon excited to be making my home with a sweet family in Vanløse, just about 15 km from the city. I did a little dance in the middle of McAllister’s Deli when I received an email from my host mother Alice about a week ago welcoming me to my new home. My Danish family consists of my host mother Alice, host father Benny and host little sisters Amalie and Amanda. I’ll also be sharing my home with two American students: Allie (University of Rochester) and Kyle (Northwestern University). After communicating back and forth with both my host family and my fellow housemates, I am absolutely ecstatic to get settled into my new home.

Andersen in L.A. 2015
My sweet host family (aren’t they adorable?!)

A little bit about this blog: Maybe you’re here because I emailed you this link or posted it to my Facebook (aka you’re a friend or family member). If so, I want to say thank you for following along and thinking of me throughout the semester. Your positive thoughts and prayers are much appreciated!

Or maybe, hopefully, you’re here because you’re a prospective DIS or study abroad student, and you want to find honest study abroad accounts that don’t sound like they come out of a brochure. I know that I found so much peace and excitement in studying the blogs of former DIS students. I wasn’t alone in my anxieties or my questions, and just as these students found their way abroad, so would I. If that’s you, I hope you’ll find a candid and descriptive account of what life in Copenhagen is like. I hope learning from my experiences will help shape yours!

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out my next post about the great adventure of preparing for a semester abroad!


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