Hello, It’s Me.

The past two days have been full of traveling about the city and discovering what life in Copenhagen really is like.

Yesterday morning we began at the Royal Danish Music Hall where all DIS students were greeted with an opening ceremony including a short opera performance and followed by a few other orientation sessions. My housemates and I met a few other students living in our homestay district, and we all decided to wander around the city for the rest of the day. After getting lost multiple times attempting to find the harbor, we decided to grab some lunch at a nearby crepe and waffle stand. Homemade waffles? Sign. Me. Up. They were so dang delicious (shout out to Denmark for combining ice cream and breakfast food). It felt so wonderful and comforting to be finally making some new friends. I enjoyed getting to know different people from different places who are all on this same crazy journey with me.

Juice Bar Friends
My new friends and I enjoying some relaxation time at a cozy juice bar


My long day in the city was rounded out with a light jog around the lake across from our house. The weather has been extraordinarily warm the past few days, but the cool breeze made it the perfect climate for a little outdoor exercise. As I jogged along the trail, blasting my music from home, I realized this was the first moment I had been alone for the past few days. While that might not seem significant as I’ve only been here a few days, it was the first time I could visualize what a life in Copenhagen will look like.

At home, I enjoy going to the gym as much as possible, and I consider it an activity that fuels and centers me. As I ran, I could finally see myself doing this: class and friends and exercising and maintaining my lifestyle in this new environment. Though I am in a new place, with new people and sometimes odd rituals and ways of life, I am  still myself. That was a realization I needed to have, and I relished in this feeling of comfort as the evening drew to a close.


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