A Weekend in the Woods

Perks of living with a host family: they take you places and show you things you simply cannot include in a travel guide.

Exhibit A: My weekend spent with my host family at their summer home about an hour and a half west of Copenhagen.

How precious is this house? Now imagine all seven of us gathered around the fireplace at night drinking tea, eating candy and watching the Danish version of Dancing with the Stars and The Voice. The definition of hygge.


The weather was especially amazing this weekend, which is quite a statement considering how lovely it’s been the past three weeks. Sunny and 75 called for a visit to a massive Viking burial ground:


And then a quick dip in the Baltic Sea:


The cherry on top of our perfect weekend was the most delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream enjoyed along the harbor line:

I would act embarrassed about how dweeby I look, but my heart was so happy.

To summarize: when presented with a myriad of housing options, do not take your decision lightly. It may just mean the difference between eating the best ice cream cone of your life on the edge of the Baltic sea or…. not doing that.


Vi ses!



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