Touristy Tuesday: Tivoli

Okay, I’ll admit that I didn’t actually go to Tivoli this week. I actually went about two weeks ago, but we’re gonna fudge the details for the sake of keeping with my theme. Good? Good.

Okay, so Tivoli.

If I could sum it up in a few words, I’d say: It lives up to the hype.


Tivoli is an amusement park and garden in the heart of Copenhagen. Since its opening in 1843, Tivoli has been a central part of life in Copenhagen, inspiring and delighting residents and tourists alike. With classic attractions, top-notch thrills, beautiful gardens and weekly musical performances, Tivoli is truly an all-encompassing experience.

Though I am a huge fan of amusement parks and have been itching to check out Tivoli since day one, even my expectations were blown away by what the park had to offer. Unlike the vibe at popular American amusement parks, Tivoli’s atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable. At no point did I feel the need to powerwalk to the next attraction or push a small child out of the way to get a good spot on a ride. This vibe is probably more a product of the Danes rather than Tivoli itself, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

The attractions:

Tivoli is known for its superior family-friendly and thrill attractions. With most “big kid” ride tickets averaging about 50 DKK each, my roommates and I opted for an unlimited ride pass (only 220 DKK). We had absolutely no problem getting worthwhile use of this card, and I would recommend this option to anyone looking to truly experience all that Tivoli has to offer. Some of my favorite attractions included:

The Mine: For those of you who have been to Disneyworld, think of this ride as one-part “Splash Mountain,” and one-part “Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Yup, you heard it right folks. This ride was basically a log ride with laser guns.

The Demon: I set my expectations pretty low for this classic one-loop rollercoaster, but I’m happy to announce that I was literally blown away. Don’t take this ride’s name for granted, people! This one is a speed demon filled with upside-down twists and turns so fast and furious that I couldn’t open my eyes for most of the ride.

The Monsoon: Fun fact about Abigail: I have a very loud laugh. Second fun fact about Abigail: I laugh a lot on rollercoasters. This ride, which takes riders high in the sky only to drop them in a circular motion again and again and again, had me laughing non-stop. Pure fun!

The Golden Tower: This one is pretty straightforward. A good ole’ fashioned drop thrill. Bonus points for the beautiful yet terrifying view of the entire city of Copenhagen.

And, of course…

The Roller Coaster!


Rutschebanen 2014.jpg
“Rutschebanen” aka “The Roller Coaster” image courtesy of


It wouldn’t be a review of Tivoli if I didn’t mention the park’s oldest and most popular attraction. It may be cliché to say, but this was hands-down my favorite ride. One of only seven attractions in the world operated by an on-board brake man, The Roller Coaster was light and easy-going, yet surprisingly filled plenty of quality stomach drops. I could have spent the whole day riding this one over and over.

The food:

It’s true: the Candy Floss at Tivoli is literally the size of your face. Image courtesy of:


Tivoli was not lacking in food options. From soft ice to ice cream to cotton candy (my personal favorite) to pizza to hot dogs to burgers to sandwiches and on-and-on, Tivoli had it all. Whether you’re looking to have a nice sit-down dinner or grab something quick in-between rides, this park has you covered! My roommates and I opted for fish and chips, which was probably the best meal I’ve had at an amusement park, ever. So delish!

My biggest regret:

Ask any local and they’ll tell you that Tivoli truly comes alive at night. Unfortunately, my roommates and I were on a tight schedule the day we visited Tivoli, and we were unable to enjoy the beautiful park lights and evening fireworks show.

Image courtesy of:


Luckily, not all is lost, and I’m looking forward to spending an evening at Tivoli with my parents when they come visit in December.

My overall impression:

It’s true what all those travel guides tell you: Tivoli is an absolute must-see. I’ve never felt so carefree and giddy in my life. The crowds are friendly, the rides are thrilling and the atmosphere is lovely. What more could you ask for?

Vi ses!


Tivoli Gardens is a seasonal amusement park, open Monday-Sunday during the summer, Halloween and Christmas seasons. Park entrance fees range from 110 DKK-120 DKK for children and adults over the age of 8 (children under 8 are admitted for free). For more information including park hours visit:






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