Top 10 Things I Will Miss about Copenhagen


  1. Jogs around Damhussøen (the lake behind my house)
  2. Dinner every night with my host family
  3. My roommates Allie and Kyle and all the sweet friends I’ve traveled with
  4. Starbucks baristas. Like, okay, I’m aware that we have Starbucks baristas in America, but shoutout to my homies at the Starbucks on Vestergade. They are the real MVPs this semester and some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.
  5. Cinnamon rolls and chocolate rolls and croissants and pastries and I promise I don’t have a problem.
  6. My walk to class everyday via a narrow street paved with cobblestone aka walking through a fairy tale book.
  7. Blankets in cafes. And Danish cafes in general.
  8. The apple dessert my host mom Alice makes almost on a weekly basis
  9. Opening the window to get fresh air… I realize this is also something people in America experience, but I’m from Texas guys.
  10. Okay wait I got to ten so much faster than I anticipated. Okay, stay calm Abigail. Um… castles. No… pretty trees. This is too much pressure.

Basically, I’m going to miss a lot. And I can’t believe I only have a little over two weeks left in this incredible city. Peace, love, CPH.



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