London Calling

Over Thanksgiving break I got to do a little solo exploring around London town, as my roommate who I was traveling with headed off to Bath, England to visit a friend. We were on a pretty tight schedule, and I had heard from friends that London was nearly impossible to see in a day, but I was determined to make the most of it.

Overall, as cliché as it is, I have to say that London is so-far my favorite place I’ve visited. Maybe it was something about the magic of being there at Christmas-time, or maybe I’m just really homesick and it reminded me almost of America. Either way, here are some highlights from my favorite travel adventure so-far!

What I saw:


Despite what you may have heard about London, it’s actually not so difficult to hit almost all of London’s main sights in one day. I took the tube straight to Westminster Station, and I was shocked to realize that I could get a nice view of Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the London Eye all within a span of about 5-minutes walking distance. In fact, while London transportation is one of the easiest systems I’ve yet to encounter, I hardly had to use it at all and spent a lot of my day walking from sight-to-sight. It didn’t hurt that it was an uncommonly sunny day for London.


Buckingham Palace
Harrod’s Department Store is a must-visit. I spent a good four hours hear admiring the merchandising and sampling British delicacies.



What I ate:


Please, for your sake and mine, visit Milk Train Café for all your sweet cravings in London. Famous for surrounding soft serve cones with a layer of candy floss, Milk Train creates the best ice cream I’ve probably ever tasted. I tried the special flavor of the day, Black Sesame, and it tasted kind of like creamy peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. ‘Twas absolutely delectable.



If you find yourself in London on a tight time schedule, never fear! If you plan ahead, prioritize the sights you want to see, and walk quickly, you too can see all of London AND have time to enjoy the most delicious ice cream ever to grace this great planet of ours.


Vi ses!



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